Monday, November 1, 2010

5th International Conference on Public Policy and Management

One of our Lead Researchers, Dr Vishal Narain participated in the 5th International Conference on Public Policy and Management organized by the Center for Public Policy at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. He presented a paper titled ‘Urbanisation and the land-water nexus: changing water use and access in periurban Gurgaon, India’ in a session on water sector reforms. The participants varied from academics to researchers to civil servants.

Several issues emerged from the discussion following the presentation, most importantly:

1)      The large-scale acquisition of land as well as loss of water in peri-urban settlements has implications for food security
2)      It is important to explore local low-cost solutions for the use of sewage water in peri-urban agriculture

Dr Narain’s notes
 It was a good opportunity to share results from the field with  a diverse group of actors engaged with water issues from several perspectives. Notably, several alumni of IIM- B’s  public policy programme – most of them civil servants were present on the occasion and it was a good forum to talk about these issues to policy-makers.
 It was also an opportunity to network with other peri-urban researchers  who has earlier worked on periurban agriculture,  land acquisition issues,  health issues in semi-urban areas and  common property resources in periurban settlements. 

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