Sunday, January 23, 2011

Field visit by Dr. Sara Ahmed and SaciWATERs team to peri-urban village Mallampet, Hyderabad.

Few pictures of the field visit by Sara Ahmed (IDRC) with the SaciWATERs team to Mallampet village in peri urban Hyderabad. Large quantities of ground water is abstracted from this village and supplied to nearby industries by private tankers.

Pictures courtesy - Sara Ahmed 

 Ground water being pumped out and stored in an open tank 

Water from tank is pumped into the tanker. Each tanker has a capacity of 10,000 litres. 

For every trip that the tanker makes, the tanker company pays Rs 600 to owner of the land with the bore

Borewell on ‘Khatwa lake’ in the village. A portion of this lake is being filled up in order to construct the outer ring road. 

 Chennangi lake - polluted primarily because of the waste water released by a number of households nearby. A lot of plastic materials, garbage, as well as dead fish were spotted on the banks of the lake during the field visit.


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