Monday, July 18, 2011

National Seminar on Design and Planning for Sustainable Habitat

Dr. Vishal Narain presented his paper 'Peri-urban water flows: implications for governance and urban planning" at the National Seminar on Design and Planning for Sustainable Habitat organized at India  Habitat Center, New Delhi on July 15 and 16, 2011. The seminar was attended by a mix of noted academics, representatives from the Government, architects, urban planners and designers. In his presentation, Dr. Narain spoke about how urban expansion processes were affecting the water access and security of periurban residents around Gurgaon. He emphasized that the dichotomous nature of urban planning and rural development led to the exclusion of periurban flows from the purview of planning. As cities expand, much more attention would be needed to the concerns of periurban locations. The distinction between rural and urban water supply would lose its significance and it would become increasingly necessary to recognize the flows of water between rural and urban areas and account for them better in planning for water resources. This stimulated some interesting discussion about the need to shift the unit of planning from rural/urban to a regional level.

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