Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Training Programme on Fundamentals of Livelihood Promotion

BASIX - The Livelihood School, conducted a training programme on ‘Fundamentals of livelihood promotion - Integrated module on identification, designing and management of livelihood interventions’ from 26th-30th September 2011 at the Disaster Management Institute, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Mr. P. Rajkumar, Research Assistant – Hyderabad Team, attended the programme from SaciWATERs.

Topics like livelihood promotions, fundamentals, identifications, designing and management of livelihood interventions, marketing plans, managing production and productivity, monitoring and evaluation were mainly discussed by the resources persons. The programme was planned in an interactive manner and informative resource books were provided.

Apart from the training, a local market survey was also organised which helped us understand the position of market, opportunities and needs of the people in the market. Account maintenance was also covered in detail with focus on the income and expenditure statements, balance sheets etc.

The ‘Human Resources in Livelihood Intervention’ session included the basics of HR, managing and developing HR, importance of recruitment of staff, staff induction, roles and responsibilities, reviews, appraisals etc. Apart from this we also learnt how to improve the skills for livelihood practitioners, co ordination within the working teams, working in partnership, building the capacity among the rural people etc.

The success of any project is based on a good monitoring and evaluation system. This helps an activity or project to be organised and also allows to measure the effective work done and extracting the exact results. We were taught on how a monitoring plan helps in improving efficiency, systematic analysis, and proper usage of resources. 

by P. Rajkumar

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