Monday, April 16, 2012

Capacity Building Training Programme on Rain Water Harvesting and Management for Ravirala & Aliabad Farmers

A Capacity Building Training Programme was conducted on “Water Harvesting and Management” on the 28th and 29th of March, 2012 at Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA). The training was targeted at farmers, women and youth of the Ravirala and Aliabad villages.

1st Day – 28th March, 2012:
The training was initiated at Research In Environment, Education And Development Society (REEDS) office, Champapet. Mr. Satya Bhoopal Reddy, President - Reeds Organization, had started the programme by introducing the topic - “Roof Rain Water Harvesting and Management” to the participants. Consecutively, he demonstrated a Roof Rain Water Harvesting structure which he built in 1993.

Photograph 1: Demonstration of Rain Water Harvesting Structures

The participants later gathered at CRIDA for further sessions. Mr. I. Srinivas. Senior Scientist, CRIDA (Farm Machinery and Power) has enlightened the participants on the latest agricultural techniques & methods. He suggested that each farmer should go for agricultural machinery which can save manure by 30 % and seed by 30%. Solar dried products and their uses were also discussed by him. Participants were also told about various schemes available for youth from DRDA. Women were explained about the advantages of large scale production of these products and the means of getting a loan.

Field Visit:
A field visit was organized for all participants. Mr. Satish, S.R.F explained about a rainwater harvesting pond & showed an experimental micro watershed. 

Photograph 2: Participants being shown of an experimental Micro Watershed

After lunch, Mr. Srinivasa Reddy, Scientist, CRIDA spoke in detail about dryland agriculture and watershed programme.  Participants were advised to go for plantation as it helps in absorbing the rain water. He also explained about importance of farm bunding, with an insight into clay bundings and their uses.  Participants were told about various NREGS schemes that are useful to them.

2nd Day – 29th March, 2012:
Mr. Ramappa, the technical assisstant began by introducing the concepts and methods of soil conservation. He explained the importance of farm bunds in moisture retention.
Later, participants were taken on a field visit.

Photograph 3: Display of various machinery to the participants.

Dr. T. R. Tyagaraj took over after the tea break on the topic -  Drought – Water Management, Global Warming & Irrigation. He suggested farmers to go for crops which consume less water unlike paddy or sugar cane. He told the benefits of cultivating the crops using Drip System, where technology can be obtained from APMIP.

Photograph 4: Manure Management

Mr. Dasarathrami Reddy, Plant protection –SMS- CRIDA, spoke about pest control. He suggested that all participants should take interest in pest control. He also explained about the life cycle of some of insects. 

Mr. Joseph, S.M.S – Agriculture Extension trained the participants in the area of “Communication Skills”.
Photograph 5: Insight into various Agricultural Methods.

Mr. Sri Krishna, gave an insight on the production methods of vegetables, insects & pest control methods.
Overall, the training turned out to be a fruitful one for the people of both villages as they got solutions to most of the problems faced by them.

The trainings also included communication skills to enhance the Committees of both the villages in their roles & responsibilities.

Photograph 6: Few Participants of the Training

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