Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Good Luck ti Lubhu Water Resource Committee

Lubhu water resource committee was constituted after the intervention from the nec-peri-urban research team at Lubhu. The team is committed to improve the water services at Lubhu and aims in establishing water security in this VDC. On August 25th, 2012, Lubhu Water Supply and Sanitation Committee had its first general assembly. I represented the Nec peri-urban research team.

Participating in the VDC as an invitee was a refreshing experience as I was going to back to the field after a short gap after the source conservation campaign. More to that, it was really good to see that the Water Supply Committee constituted (after the initiation of the Peri-urban Water Security Project) in the area has been persistently functioning and exploring every possible alternative to overcome decades long water insecurity at Lubhu.

The half a day program constituted local people from different wards with a good converge of both male and female and had of the presence of  VDC Secretary. -Since, it was the wedding season, participation from the women was a little doubtful. However, despite their hectic schedule, a good number of them have turned up for the event. This is due to the significant activity of providing good water services to the Lubhu residents. From project perspective, I was satisfied for selecting Lubhu as the Pilot Intervention Site.

During the program, the key functionaries of the committee disseminated the information on the current status of the committee, activities conducted since its initiation and the constraints in achieving water security at Lubhu. They have also provided the details of various organizations which are supporting us in this endeavor. Additionally, the Committee not only acknowledged Nepal Engineering College and the project team for the continuous support and guidance; but also appealed the local community to support the Committee in its journey towards establishing water security.

The committee elaborated how the activities of the committee have currently been affected due to limited budget disbursement from the Governmental Annual Budget. It was said that the impact is not only in delaying the construction of the water related infrastructures, but the knock on effect has been on the entire project planning and decision making for the further activities. The social unity and determination in achieving water security has come to light when a local individual Mr. Basudev Kumar Shrestha provided NRs. 200,000 to the committee on loan. This helped in the progression of the construction of the reservoir..

However, the committee is still under the financial constraints and has been exploring for the possible support.

We, the Peri-urban Research team express our  hearty thanks to the LUBHU residents for their continuous support in achieving water security at Lubhu.

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